The Virtual Institute for Mathematical and Statistical Sciences (VI-MSS)

Workshop on Statistical Methods in Bioinformatics, December 12-14, 2013.

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The Virtual Institute of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences (VI-MSS) is a partnership that connects two US mathematical sciences institutes with several mathematics and statistics institutes in India.

VI-MSS sponsors joint workshops, research visits and graduate educational activities with support from the US National Science Foundation, the Indo-US Science and Technology Forum, and the Indian Department of Science and Technology. It is part of a broader NSF initiative known as SAVI (Science Across Virtual Institutes).

This collaboration creates a thriving "virtual" institute in the mathematical and statistical sciences based on collaboration primarily between the following institutions.

In US:
In India:

ICERM is also collaborating with ICTS.

The VI-MSS program includes joint conferences, workshops, and minicourses hosted both in India and USA at these institutions. In addition, VI-MSS supports exchange visits for faculty, postdocs, and students between these institutions. There is considerable flexibility in the timing and duration of visits.
Application for visits by Indian research and Students are no longer being accepted

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