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Welcome to the webpage on the thematic session on Complex geometry and operator theory at IWOTA 2012. The organisers are Tirthankar Bhattacharyya of Indian Institute of Science and Nicholas Young of Leeds and Newcastle Universities.

Speakers Include:

  • Joseph A . Ball
  • Sergey Belyi
  • Tirthankar Bhattacharyya
  • Greg Knese
  • Zinaida Lykova
  • Gadadhar Misra
  • Sourav Pal
  • Orr Shalit
  • Nicholas Young

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    The topic of the session is the interplay between the complex geometry of domains in the n-dimensional complex space and the theory of multioperators. We invite contributions on the use of operator methods to prove geometric or function-theoretic results about particular domains, and on the properties of multioperators associated with a domain. We are expecting in particular talks on less standard domains (that is, other than the polydisc and the ball); we mention as examples domains that have arisen out of engineering applications, such as the symmetrised polydisc and the tetrablock. We should also welcome talks on applications to engineering or other areas. E-mail us at tirtha at or N.J.Young at if you would like to give a talk in this session.