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Slides of a talk on “Thurston-Teichmüller Theory and the dynamics of grafting” at IISc Bangalore in July ’14.

Here are the slides of my talk at the XXII Rolf Nevanlinna Colloquium.

This poster won the prize at the European Math Society/Danish Math Society Joint Mathematical Weekend.



  Subhojoy Gupta

  Assistant Professor

  Department of Mathematics

  Indian Institute of Science

  email: subhojoy AT

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I joined IISc in September 2015. Previously, I was a postdoctoral scholar jointly with Caltech and the Center of Quantum Geometry of Moduli Spaces (QGM) at Aarhus in Denmark. I got my Ph.D. at Yale in 2012, my advisor was Yair Minsky.

My interests lie in Teichmüller theory and low dimensional geometry, particularly hyperbolic surfaces and 3-manifolds.



IISER Mohali. 16 April - 20 April 2018.

BIRS, Oaxaca Mexico. 1-6 July 2018.

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Ma 232 Introduction to Algebraic Topology

Ma 231 Topology

Ma 332 Algebraic Topology


Math 109a Introduction to Geometry and Topology

Math 109c Differential topology

Math 191b Topics in Teichmüller Theory

                    Exercises 1, 2, 3.

Math 157a  Riemannian Geometry


Topics in Hyperbolic Geometry.  (Fall 2012)

Some class notes (unedited and sans figures) by Søren F. Jørgensen .

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