Dr. Srikanth K. Iyer

Associate Professor

Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore - 560012


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Sponsored Projects

  • Sole Investigator in a DRDO (Defence Research and Developmnet Organization) Scheme "Coverage an Tracking Problems in Sensor Networks", October 2006 - April 2009, Total Grant: Rs. 3,06,000.

  • Sole Investigator in a DRDO (Defence Research and Developmnet Organization) Scheme "Coverage and Connectivity in Random Geometric Graphs", June 2009 - December 2011, Total Grant: Rs. 5,60,000.

  • I am associated with the Mathematics Initiative at the Institute. The primary objective of this programme is to foster research of truly interdisciplinary na- ture, whereby mathematical inputs to vital scientific and engineering problems from other disciplines and industry are strengthened. We have already got a grant of Rs. 49.151 lakhs for three years from DRDO to set up a computa- tional laboratory, and pursue other activities of this programme. I also have one Ph.D. student under this initiative.

  • Co-Investigator of the project titled, Design and Development of Techniques for Automated Statistical Analysis of Network Traffic for Control and Management of Networked Computer Systems, sponsored by DST (Department of Science & Technology, project worth Rs. 15 lacs for two years with D. Manjunath, IIT Bombay, 2000 - 2002.


  • Consultant for FCG (Financial Consulting Group) India Pvt. Ltd. for devel- opment of Credit Analysis and Management Software April 2001 - April 2004.

  • Member, Board of Governors, Institute of Financial and Management Research (IFMR), Chennai, since 2010.
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