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AAECC-17 Symposium & IWAA Workshop on Coding and Cryptography
December 16-18, 20, 2007 & December 19, 2007

    The AAECC-17 symposium (December 16-18, 20, 2007) will feature invited talks by leading researchers discussing state-of-art techniques in error-correcting codes and cryptography.

    The talks will cover previously unpublished contributions across a range of topics in applied algebra, error correcting codes and cryptography : Algebra, Algebraic Computation, Codes and Algebra, Codes and Combinatorics, Modulation and Codes, Sequences, Cryptography.

    AAECC-17 participants please note:  INDOCRYPT 2007,  Dec. 9-13, IIT Madras, Chennai,  takes place in the week preceding AAECC-17 in the neighboring city of Chennai.    Further details may be found at   http://www.cs.iitm.ernet.in/indocrypt2007  .

    AAECC-17 General Co-Chairs

    P. Vijay Kumar, IISc, Bangalore

    Tom Hoholdt, Technical University of Denmark

    Heeralal Janwa, University of Puerto Rico



    AAECC-17 TPC Co-Chairs

    Serdar Boztas, RMIT, Melbourne

    Hsiao-Feng (Francis) Lu
    National Chung-Cheng University,  Taiwan

Click here  for further details of  the AAECC-17 Symposium

    The Instructional Workshop on Applied Algebra (IWAA) (December 19, 2007) will feature tutorial talks by leading researchers in algebra and its applications to coding theory, cryptography and communications.

    The topics to be covered include an introduction to algebraic coding theory, aspects of computational number theory, matroid methods in coding theory and equivalent formulations of Hilbert's Nullstellensatz

    Organizing Committee

    P. Vijay Kumar, IISc, Bangalore

    G. Rangarajan, IISc, Bangalore

    Priti Shankar, IISc, Bangalore

    C. E. Veni Madhavan, IISc, Bangalore



    Invited Speakers

    Navin Kashyap, Queen's University, Canada

    Dilip Patil, IISc, Bangalore

    Andrew Thangaraj, IIT Madras

    C. E. Veni Madhavan, IISc, Bangalore

    Ramarathanam Venkatesan, Microsoft Research






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