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National Mathematics Initiative (NMI)

2013 - 2014

Workshop on Quantum Integrable Systems

December 02 - 06, 2013

Theory of nonlinear Integrable system traveled a long way to make its first step from the classical to the quantum domain, through the pioneering idea of Bethe ansatz in 1931. After a considerable lapse of time the concept of quantum integrable systems started flourishing again through the work of Yang, Lieb, Liniger, Baxter and others in quantum mechanical and statistical systems and in the systematic development of the theory with diverse applicability by Faddeev and coworkers as well as by Zamolodchikov, Drinfeld, Jimbo and many others. At present the theory and applications of the quantum aspects of integrable systems have penetrated into a wide range of areas, like S-matrics and form factors in quantum field theory (QFT), quantum group and Hopf algebras, correlation functions and thermodynamics of spin and electron systems, boundary and defect problems, anyon models, nonequilibrium processes etc., to name a few, though with many more open problems and future challenges.

The aim of this International Workshop is to bring together active workers and leading specialists in this field and related areas of contemporary interest, from India and abroad, for exchanging ideas, foster collaboration and inspire young minds to do fruitful research at an international level in this challenging and developing field

Please contact qiscal2013@bose.res.in for further queries.




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