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2013 - 2014

Workshop on Nonlinear Dynamics in Biology

July 08 - 13, 2013

Biological systems are spectacular examples of nonlinear systems. They can be studied at many different levels. Starting from the important macromolecules inside the cell to large ecosystems all are composed of multiple subsystems having complex nonlinear interactions among them that lead to the coherent collective behavior observed in nature. With improvement in experimental methods, much is now known about the constituents and interactions and new areas of investigation (Systems Biology) are being explored where theoretical and experimental studies have equal roles to play. The concepts and techniques of Nonlinear Dynamics is the most crucial among the theoretical methods used to describe the workings of biological systems. Therefore it has now become imperative for Biology students and researchers to learn and apply theoretical methods in their study.

This workshop is aimed primarily at students and researchers from Biology, and those who are interested in studying biological systems. Spread over 6 days, it would consist of three days of lectures and computational exercises on introductory concepts and methods of nonlinear dynamics with specific biological systems as case studies. The next three days will have specialized talks describing application of nonlinear dynamics in modeling and understanding systems behavior. The applicability of the approach to analyse biological data and delineating the processes in normal and diseased system will be highlighted.




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