Plase see the final excel file of participants before you start your journey. There have been and may still be a few changes in accommodation allotment.

Steering Committee:

T. Ando (Sapporo),
J.A. Ball (Blacksburg),
H. Bart (Rotterdam),
J. Behrndt (Berlin),
H. Bercovici (Bloomington),
V. Bolotnikov (Williamsburg),
R.E. Curto (Iowa City),
A.F. dos Santos (Lisbon),
A. Dijksma (Groningen),
M. Dritschel (Newcastle),
H. Dym (Rehovot),
T. ter Elst (Auckland),
K.-H. Foerster (Berlin),
C. Foias (Bloomington),
J.J. Grobler (Potchefstroom),
G.J. Groenewald (Potchefstroom),
J.W. Helton (La Jolla),
I.B. Jung (Seoul),
M.A. Kaashoek (Amsterdam),
M. Klaus (Blacksburg),
H. Langer (Vienna),
W.Y. Lee (Seoul),
C.V.M. van der Mee (Cagliari),
R. Mennicken (Regensburg),
A. Montes Rodriguez (Seville),
N.K. Nikolskii (Bordeaux),
V. Olshevsky (Storrs),
P. Portal (Lille, temp. Canberra),
D. Potapov (Sydney),
L. Rodman (Williamsburg),
S. Seatzu (Cagliari),
I. Spitkovsky (Williamsburg),
G. Stampfli (Bloomington),
C. Trunk (Ilmenau),
N. Vasilevski (Mexico City),
V. Vinnikov (Beer-Sheva),
N. Young (Leeds)

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The same here for semi-plenary speakers

Plenary talks will be for 55+5 minutes and will be at the Faculty Hall of the tower building. A semi-plenary talk is one which has one other talk going on in parallel. The duration will be 55+5 minutes. In any semi-plenary slot, one talk will be at the Faculty Hall and the other at the UG lecture hall at the first floor of the old Physics building. At normal pace, it takes less than ten minutes to commute between these two halls.

Click here for the titles and abstract of all plenary and semi plenary talks.

The list of registered participants:

Click here for the final list of participants. The list is an excel file so that searching for a name is easy. Report to us in case of errors in spelling the name, or if the registration fee is paid but not showing, or if the affiliation is wrongly written or if we promised accommodation support by email and it is not showing there. The list does not have names of plenary and semi-plenary speakers.

Accommodation details are beginning to show on the excel file for participants. Here are some explanations. JVH stands for Jawahar Visitors' House on the Gymkhana Campus of IISc. Click here for a map of the campus. JVH is in blue at the bottom left corner of the map. CVH stands for the Centennary Visitors' House and is in blue at the top right corner of the above map. Akshara Regency Lodge is in Mathikere. Click here to see it on google map. It is not far from Yeswantpur station if one exits by the Platfrom no. 1 side. Check google map directions about how to go there.