IWOTA 2013 will be from 16 to 20 December.

Photos of IWOTA 2013 are here.

The proceddings of IWOTA 2013 will be published in the Operator Thepory: Advances and Applications series. The editors are Tirthankar Bhattacharyya and Michael Dritschel. The last date of submission is 31 July, 2014. Articles can be work of original research as well as survey. Please email your submission to tirtha at member.ams.org or m.a.dritschel at ncl.ac.uk.

Plenary and Semi-plenary talks: The schedule and The titles and abstracts.

Titles and anstracts of talks in thematic sessions.

There will be a conference dinner on the evening of 19th..

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The conference will be held at the Indian Institute of Science (see www.iisc.ernet.in ) from Monday 16 December to Friday 20 December, 2013.

Here is a google map showing the institute along with The Krishinton Hotel and The Greenpath Eco apartment.

Accommodation details are beginning to show on the excel file for participants. Here are some explanations.

JVH stands for Jawahar Visitors' House on the Gymkhana Campus of IISc. Click here for a map of the campus. JVH is in blue at the bottom left corner of the map.

CVH stands for the Centennary Visitors' House and is in blue at the top right corner of the above map. Its reception has the phone +91 80 22933500. Each room has a phone which can be called from outside. The phone number depends on the room number.

Ujjwal Residency is on 1st main road connecting Yeshwantpur and Mathikere. This road is also known as Bombay Dyeing Road and also as B Narayanswamappa Road. Click here to see it on google map. Their phone numbers are 080-40974573 and 080-40974575.

Akshara Regency Lodge is in Mathikere. It is on the same Bombay Dyeing Road. Click here to see it on google map. Their phone numbers are 080-23377746/7.

Royal Comfort is also on Bombay Dyeing Road and is closest to Yeshwantpur station among the three lodges. Click here to see it on google map. Their phone number is 080-23478855.

All the lodges are on one road and close to Yeswantpur station if one exits by the Platfrom no. 1 side. Check google map directions about how to go there.

Previous IWOTA meetings

  • Santa Monica (CA, USA) [1981]
  • Rehovot (Israel) [1983]
  • Amsterdam (Netherlands) [1985]
  • Mesa (AZ, USA) [1987]
  • Rotterdam (Netherlands) [1989]
  • Sapporo (Japan) [1991]
  • Vienna (Austria) [1993]
  • Regensburg (Germany) [1995]
  • Bloomington (IN, USA) [1996]
  • Groningen (Netherlands) [1998]
  • Bordeaux (France) [2000]
  • Faro (Portugal) [2000]
  • Blacksburg (VA, USA) [2002]
  • Cagliari (Italia) [2003]
  • Newcastle (UK) [2004]
  • Storrs (CT, USA) [2005]
  • Seoul (Korea) [2006]
  • Potchefstroom (South Africa) [2007]
  • Williamsburg (VA, USA) [2008]
  • Guanajuato (México) [2009]
  • Berlin (Germany) [2010]
  • Seville (Spain) [2011]
  • Sydney (Australia) [2012]