On and around Campus

Book store - There is a good book store called Tata Book House near the so called security gate. They have an excellent collection of math books.

ATMs - There are two ATMs near the security gate, close to Tata Book House. There are two more on another part of the campus, where the banks are. The easiest way to acquire some Indian currency is to use your bank card at these ATMs.

Restaurants - There is a restaurant on campus called The Nesara where one can get a cup of coffee, a working lunch and a reasonable dinner. There is also a more down to earth open air place called Prakruti (means nature), close to the security gate, Tata Book House and ATMs where one can have all kinds of Indian snacks. Coffee at these places is usually served with milk, although you can ask for black, without sugar etc.

There are a number of restaurants just outside the campus on New BEL Road. There is a gate of the campus on New BEL Road. This gate is two minutes' walk from Centennary Visitors' House (CVH). Opposite the gate, there is a Pizza Hut, a Cafe Coffe Day (genuine good coffee of all kinds), a Subway and a Chinese restaurant Chung Wah. Nearby, there is a very good Persian restaurant called Darband. Slightly farther, there is a good Indian restaurant called Neel and a good Chinese restaurant called Hunan. Do a google map search with "New BEL Road restaurants" for almost correct locations of these.

Click here for a map of the campus.