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National Mathematics Initiative (NMI)

2012 - 2013

School on Stochastic Processes in Engineering

March 11 - 15, 2013

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  • This workshop, to be held in Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, during March 11-16, 2013, will focus on application of probability and stochastic processes to selected disciplines in engineering, speci cally, control, communications and opera- tions research. It is directed towards advanced undergraduates and graduate students as well as young faculty working in these areas and seeking exposure to latest devel - opments, current thrust areas and new techniques that could potentially help their research. Familiarity with probability theory and high mathematical maturity are prerequisites. Broadly, the focus will be on modeling and optimization. Some topics that will be touched upon, though not exclusively so, are: recent developments in stochastic simulation and simulation based optimization, learning algorithms, queu- ing systems, stochastic networks arising in communications and social networks, and so on. The format will be that of 1-5 focused lectures by international experts. A tentative list of speakers who have expressed interest is: Sean Meyn (Uni. of Florida, Gainsville, USA), Alexandre Proutiere (KTH, Sweden), Kavita Ramanan (Brown Uni., USA), Ravi Mazumdar (Uni. of Waterloo, Canada), Rajesh Sundaresan (IISc, India), Nahum Shimkin (Technion, Israel).




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