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National Mathematics Initiative (NMI)

2010- 2011

Workshop and Conference on Modeling Infectious Diseases

September 13 - 22, 2010

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  • The workshop aims at providing hands-on training in modeling different aspects of infectious diseases: genomics & evolutionary biology of pathogens, hostpathogen interaction and epidemiology. The conference will bring together biologists, clinicians and public health specialists working on infectious diseases with scientists from a modeling background, with the aim of fostering cross-disciplinary interactions and longterm collaborations.

    The instructional workshop will be divided into 5 thematic areas:

    1. Introductory overview on the infectious diseases in India

    2. Modeling at the Genome Level:

    Will focus on how modeling can help in understanding the evolutionary biology of disease, e.g., how to trace the evolutionary history of pathogens through their genome, evolution of virulence, understanding the evolutionary constraints on host-pathogen interactions, spatio-temporal spreading of different strains and within-host evolution of pathone (special focus on HIV and Malaria).

    3. Modeling at the Cellular Level (within-host modeling):

    Will focus on the modeling of cellular mechanisms of host-pathogen interaction and immune response including the intra-cellular signaling network.

    4. Modeling at the Population Level (between-host modeling):

    Will focus on modeling of transmission of disease between host individuals using systems of coupled ODEs, PDEs, contact networks, agent-based models, game theory, etc.

    5. Public health aspects of disease modeling:

    Will look at how modeling can inform public health aspects such as control measure for epidemics and will also consider the problems of epidemiological data collection and parameter estimation from such data.







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