Introduction to Algebraic Topology

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Course Notes:

The course will be taught with a virtual whiteboard (using a Tablet PC). The whiteboards for Fundamental groups and Homology are posted here in PDF format.

Note:  The whiteboard files are in Landscape mode.  Please ensure that the setting is in this mode when printing and rotate while viewing.


 The fundamental group:  Homotopy  of  maps, multiplication of paths,
 the fundamental group, induced homomorphisms, the  fundamental group
 of the circle,  covering spaces, lifting theorems, the universal
 covering space, Seifert-Van Kampen theorem, applications.

 Simplicial Complexes, Simplicial and Singular homology - Definitions,
 Properties and Applications.


The main reference for this course is:     Problems will be assigned from Hatcher and it is recommended that students purchase this book.

Other useful references are the following.

Lectures with Audio (for Homology):